Empathy.nLaw® for on-line help. Empathy.nLaw is known for the personal attention they devote to all their clients. Empathy solves legal conflicts and give clear, sound advice, preferably about the way in which you can actually prevent problems and about appropriate dispute resolutions. The consultants at Empathy offer specific knowledge and legal counseling about labor conflicts, mobbing, stalking, (sexual) intimidation and discrimination and situational working place problems. And about models, resolutions and protocols. The office has a high level of computerization. Because of this - and because of the efforts of expert assistants - the mediators and consultants at Empathy can use their know-how at competitive rates. Find Right is a service provided by mr. Michael Boelrijk, LL.D., MA, certified court mediator and juridical consultant with the Dutch Mediator's office. Please check our English support

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